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RV Care and Maintenance.RV care tips is for the RV Motor home, camper or the Travel Trailer. Letting things go before a road trip will greatly increase the possibility of something not working at the most inopportune time and not having a replacement. Below is RV technical, RV care information to keep your RV Maintenance up to date.

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RV Circuit Breakers and Fuses a minor problem or is it? RV circuit breakers and fuses are us ally easily accessible and easy to replace. They are very reasonable to purchase. So why don't you stock up on RV fuses and circuit breakers? Many of us find ourself's in need of a RV fuse or a circuit breaker when enjoying a camping trip and no Auto Zone is around. Check your RV circuit breakers and fuses today.
Did you know: If you have a blown fuse, replace it with the same rating as the blown fuse.

RV Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide DetectorsRV Smoke and RV Carbon Monoxide Detectors are for a Safe RV Living Environment. RVers need a dual-sensor detector, which means it uses ionization and photoelectric technologies. Ionization is just particles of combustion, which is what we get out of a toaster or a frying pan. Photoelectric; is an electrical short, the ionization sensor won’t pick it up. An RV smoldering refrigerator fire, the ionization won’t pick it up because it’s the wrong type of smoke. If you combine your RV CO and LP detector, mounting it at a lower level not ceiling is perfectly acceptable under the National Fire Protection Association Standard 720-2009 (Read More)

When was the last time you tested the escape hatch in your RV?

RV fires are scary. RV fire extinguishers are a must, you might even have more than one on hand in case of a fire. Owning one is not going to do any good if you don’t know how to use it, or if it is out of date. The needle on the gauge, should be in the green if not service your fire extinguisher.

Did you know: Every 30 days you should be checking to make sure the powder is loose by taking it out of the bracket and tapping it.

RV air conditioners are usually mounted on the roof of the RV and require regular maintenance. If your RV AC unit has diminished or no air flow and the fan is running with water dripping from the ceiling most likely your RV Air Conditioner has a Freeze up.
How to keep your RV AC unit running in top shape.

  1. Clean filters often - the dirt and dust will slow the flow of air and causes the unit to freeze.
  2. Leave the fan speed on high when the AC is on. This moves air through the evaporator unit faster and will keep it from freezing.
  3. Lower the temperature a little at a time. Do not put the thermostat 40 to 50 degrees lower than the RV air. Little at a time.
  4. Most don't know if you are showering, bathing, boiling water moisture traps inside the RV and heads toward the ceiling. Open a vent and allow the moisture to escape instead of being drawn into the AC where it can freeze.
  5. Condensers allow proper air flow and should be checked by a professional RV repair person 2 times a year for comb out of the fins.

Do you know what is the biggest problem RV Generators have? Lack of use!
The fuel breaks down and gets gummy, moisture can build up if you're not running it from time to time. Just like we have to exercise to stay in shape, your generator needs to be exercised.
Recommend exercise: Once every 3 to 4 weeks run the generator for two hours and it is best to be running something like the air conditioner at the same time to put a load on it.
RV generators need to have the oil, fuel and air filters changed regularly. Please check with your manufacturer for recommendations on how often. Call an RV repair specialist when not sure your RV generator is running properly.

The detector is sensitive enough to detect the propane before you actually smell it, take it seriously as it could be indicating a true propane leak. Do not depend on your nose as a second detector. To be on the safe side when the detector goes off the first thing you should do is leave the RV and turn off the RV's propane supply at the main propane tank and see if the alarm ceases after a few minutes. Let us mention that Propane Detectors and and Carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Usually manufacturer has a date stamped on it. Did you know Propane is not the only chemical that can set off a Propane Detector? Hair Spray, cooking sprays, spray on sunscreens and Carbon monoxide detectors, Dog and Human Farts!

If the weep holes get clogged on your RV the water can't drain and fills up in the track of the window and can spill over the lip of the window into the RV. It is very important to keep these weep holes clean. If the weep holes get clogged on your RV the water can't drain and fills up in the track of the window and can spill over the lip of the window into the RV. It is very important to keep these weep holes clean.



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